What can Blue Yonder (formerly JDA RedPrairie) Workforce Management Systems do for you?

In today’s competitive marketplace, service matters. The daily performance of your warehouse workforce can mean the difference between corporate success and failure. Blue Yonder Workforce Management systems transforms your employee team into one of your greatest strategic strengths. With Blue Yonder, you can create optimal, accurate schedules, plan the right long-range staffing, maximize productivity and provide advanced mobile capabilities that improve both service and communications. Blue Yonder offers your warehouse workforce the flexibility they’re looking for in a way you can manage more easily.

  • Role-based mobile capabilities to improve productivity, transparency and employee engagement, resulting in better customer service
  • Automated long-range labor planning and forecasting, scheduling and performance reporting
  • Optimal scheduling based on demand, rules and regulations, and employee preferences
  • Improved productivity, budget control and employee satisfaction
  • Better match staffing to demand across all time horizons
  • Lower labor expenses, turnover and pirated hours
  • Reduced risk of compliance issues

How does Open Sky Group fit with Blue Yonder Workforce Management Systems?

We understand today’s pressures on your supply chain and how challenging it can be to attract and retain a productive warehouse workforce. Open Sky Group is a global specialist in the Blue Yonder platform and an accredited implementation partner and reseller of Warehouse, Labor, Transportation and now Workforce Management systems; this means we have a stellar relationship with Blue Yonder and have access to resources that others may not. It also means we can sell you the software licenses for Blue Yonder Workforce Management systems – and implement it with you.

We’ve been implementing Blue Yonder software since 2006 and have successfully completed over 700 projects. We’ve also been named Blue Yonder Top Channel Partner, North America four times since 2016. We can help you implement Blue Yonder’s Workforce Management so you can increase employee retention and offer your workforce the flexible scheduling that is prized so highly today.

Contact Open Sky Group today to discover more about how we can help you benefit from Blue Yonder Workforce Management.