Avoiding an upgrade lately?

Supply chain software upgrades, like WMS, can be difficult. Especially if you’ve got a highly customized system. Many companies avoid upgrading – even when the signs are all there.

What are the signs your WMS or Labor software needs an upgrade?

If you haven’t been upgrading your WMS and Labor software regularly, there are a few things that indicate it could be time:

  • Are you working around your software? If you’ve got methods to go around your software’s current configuration, you’re probably not doing things as efficiently as you could.
  • Do your maintenance fees seem to be going up? Believe it or not, sometimes it can be more reasonable to upgrade than stay with the same version.
  • Is your system slowing down/slow to respond? If you’ve ruled out archiving or hardware challenges that might be causing a slow down and your software version is more than a few years old, an upgrade could speed up response times.
  • Is the server for your WMS and Labor software getting old, prone to issues or vulnerable to security attacks?

If you have a Blue Yonder (formerly JDA RedPrairie) Warehouse or Labor Management System and you think it’s time for an upgrade, Open Sky Group, accredited implementation partner and reseller of the Blue Yonder supply chain platform, can help you with your upgrade.

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New WMS or Keep the Old One?

New versus old is a common dilemma. You're not alone. Here's a few tips for working through it.

Open Sky Group Methodology – the supply chain software upgrades approach

Open Sky Group’s approach combines a methodology of disciplined agility, an operational, no-modifications approach and an accelerator. It does three things for our clients:

  • Reduces the upgrade timeline,
  • Helps to manage and control upgrade costs and
  • Reduces risk and total cost of ownership. We implement the solutions “out of the box.”

Choose Open Sky Group as your partner for supply chain software upgrades for Blue Yonder (formerly JDA RedPrairie) Warehouse, Labor and Transportation Management software.

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Worried that your current version of Blue Yonder has been too highly modified? Open Sky Group has an Upgrade Assessment to help you gain perspective.

It’s probably not as bad as you think; sometimes the unknown is the worst and can make that mole hill look like a mountain. Let Open Sky Group help you examine your current software, compare it to the new version and then we can get our hands (and yours) around the time and effort it might take to get your system upgraded. We call this an Upgrade Assessment. When the Assessment is complete, you’ll have a blueprint outlining the costs, effort and benefits of upgrading.


Not quite ready for an upgrade? Here are some tips to help you get more out of your older Blue Yonder Warehouse Management solution.