Open Sky Group offers Blue Yonder Training & Support for Implementation Clients

Blue Yonder Training

Do you have an existing Blue Yonder system and want to learn how to better use it? Open Sky Group offers customized Blue Yonder training and support, specific to your version of warehouse, labor or transportation management software. We’ve been working on Blue Yonder systems for more than a decade and we’re committed to being an early adopter of the newest versions of Blue Yonder. This means we are likely to have deep experience with the version you’re currently using.

Because we design the training to fit your system and operations, we’ll first work with you to understand your needs and from there we can provide you a budgetary estimate.


Blue Yonder Support Services from Open Sky Group

Open Sky Group’s support services for Blue Yonder are driven by responsive and experienced analysts who are there to help you get the most from your support dollars. We strive to resolve issues quickly and ultimately have your system experience less downtime by fixing the root cause of issues, not just the immediate challenges at hand. It is support that is supplemental to Blue Yonder support. We work with you and Blue Yonder to make sure your needs are met to your satisfaction.

Contact Open Sky Group today to discover how we can help you with your Blue Yonder Training & Support needs.


Looking for more information? Open Sky Group Managed Services are comprehensive and include support, infrastructure and development services. We work with you to ensure you are getting optimal system performance and productivity from your installed Blue Yonder warehouse, labor and transportation management software. Here’s a breakdown of what we offer in each area.

Support includes:

  • 24×7 critical system down issues
  • Production-based issue resolution
  • Questions about non-deployed system capabilities
  • Production-specific application performance issues
  • Archiving verification
  • Job error reporting
  • Monthly reviews of tickets and issues
  • Closed loop support for Blue Yonder application-related issues
  • Minor changes (< 4 hours) to existing personalizations, reports and labels
  • Application of roll outs and customer cumulative patches (formerly known as hot fixes)

Infrastructure provides assistance with technical issues within your Blue Yonder environment and servers, as well as server and database configuration and overall performance management. Infrastructure includes:

  • Disk capacity monitoring and review
  • SQL long running jobs
  • Monthly operating system patches and reboots
  • Application and Database Services Monitoring
  • Index and statistic reviews
  • Monthly system health check
  • Blue Yonder specific server and database configuration guidance

Given the ever-changing business needs of warehouse operations, Open Sky Group Managed Services Development is an option for support clients that have recurring development requirements (recurring contract available).