How can Open Sky Group's Blue Yonder Consulting (formerly JDA RedPrairie) help my organization?

Open Sky Group’s focus is on making sure clients are happy with their warehouse, labor and transportation management software. We can do this for you too. Here are some of the ways our Blue Yonder consulting can help:

  • Have you found a WMS or Labor Management software package that you like? Do you want to know what it will take to implement that system BEFORE you buy it? We call this Blueprinting. We’ll help you understand how long an implementation will take, how much work is involved, etc. before you make the commitment to a particular software (i.e., Blue Yonder Warehouse Management).
  • Have you already selected a warehouse management system? Our Solutions Architects and Designers can work with you to decide how the chosen solution will be deployed in your business. This includes refining requirements, business plans, etc. We call this Solutions Architecture and Design.
  • Do you already have a warehouse management system in place? Have you been wondering if you’re getting the most from it and if it’s set up optimally to match your current operating procedures? Open Sky Group will review your system and its configuration, along with your business goals and processes and make sure the two are well-aligned. We call this Operational Reviews and Audits.
  • Wondering if it’s time to upgrade your WMS – and if it will be worth it? Or, can you get more mileage from what you’ve already purchased? Open Sky Group will figure out what the benefits, if any, will be to a client for a software upgrade and estimate time and costs to make the upgrade happen. We call this an Upgrade Assessment. We also understand that you are responsible to Finance. We help by getting you the information you need to be approved by your board.

What are the other Benefits of our Blue Yonder Consulting Services?

When Open Sky Group does the consulting work, we are fully committed to delivering the recommendations. Our recommendations match what is feasible, workable and successful for your operations. We don’t leave our customers with a set of beautiful – and unrealistic – ideas. Further, our consultants stay involved throughout the project to make sure recommendations get implemented.

Open Sky Group averages over 15 years of Blue Yonder implementation experience and 18 of Operations and Logistics experience. We know these systems well and how they will work in your operations.

Choose Open Sky Group as your consulting partner and guide to helping you get more from your warehouse, labor and transportation management solutions. Contact us today to get started.