Open Sky Group’s Curt Sardeson weighs in on the topic of 3PLs and why companies are increasingly outsourcing IT to their 3PLs “Leave IT to your 3PL” in the Inbound Logistics April issue.

“Still struggling to get your logistics technology up to speed? You’re not alone. See why companies are increasingly outsourcing IT to their third-party logistics providers.

Seventeen percent of companies that outsource logistics use their third-party logistics (3PL) provider’s information technology (IT) services, according to the 2017 Third-Party Logistics Study. That’s up from 11 percent the previous year.

Companies should—and do—turn to 3PLs for their logistics technology for several reasons. First, there’s still a lack of technological sophistication among shippers, despite what some say is dramatic growth in logistics technology over the past three to five years.

“Many companies still use complicated spreadsheets that only one person understands,” notes Curt Sardeson, CEO of technology implementation and consulting firm Open Sky Group in North Carolina. “When shippers have bad, old, or the wrong technology, they become so focused on just getting things done that there’s no time to innovate or ask questions about whether there’s a better way.”

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