Bar Code Label

For any number of reasons, product in a warehouse may need to get labeled before it gets put away. We recently visited a distribution center that was applying a case label (LPN) as part of a standard process during receiving. They were also applying a UPC label to each case as part of a new process during receiving. Not surprisingly, applying multiple labels to one case of product had some associated costs that might not be considered at first glance:

  1. The actual cost of printing each label
  2. The labour associated with printing and applying each label (associates also needed to use separate processes to print these labels)

We were asked to find a way to redesign a label so that all of the information from each of these two separate, original labels would fit on the larger of the two original label stocks, saving time and money.
In order to best use the largest label stock without resulting in a very cluttered eye chart, we decided that the easiest way to accomplish this was to rotate the label ninety degrees. The original horizontal label had plenty of white space along the edges, but that wasn’t the kind of space you can use for extra bar codes, etc. By rotating the larger stock vertically, we were able to keep the same font size, include all needed data and even add the extra bar code with space to spare.

In the whole scheme of things, this is a pretty small change to make. The results, however, were anything but small. The client forecasts that this small label change will save a total of more than $250K/year. With a savings of that size, one is definitely better than two.

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