JDA Warehouse Management 9.1 – Users Navigate with Ease

JDA Warehouse Management

For many of us, there was a day when we realized our cell phone didn’t have a physical keyboard anymore. Those springy buttons were suddenly gone and so was our comfort. It was all new. All different. Along with the change came some surprising results. Suddenly a whole new generation was adapting to these devices as if it were second nature. We were holding video conferences, posting, messaging and launching disgruntled birds at maniacal pigs with ease from these smart devices. Now we don’t miss those physical keyboards and it’s likely the physical keyboard for cell phones will join the ranks of the VCR and Compact Disc. Welcome the new JDA Warehouse Management System 9.1 user interface.

I recently participated in a JDA Warehouse Management 9.1 user introduction and setup training course. The results were surprising. The introduction class contained a number of users that were completely new to the JDA Warehouse Management product. By day two, I observed those same users navigating through Receiving and Shipping, while no longer glancing at their guidebooks. They seemed to be steering themselves through menu structures and menu groups logically by following a screen flow that made sense to them. Actionable dashboards pointed them in the right direction while hyperlinks assisted them in maintaining data when necessary.

I’ll be the first to admit, my first few interactions with the new interface inspired a feeling very similar to that of yearning for the physical keyboard on my cell phone. However, after interacting with a configured warehouse, performing day-to-day operations, you soon become comfortable with your new surroundings and find yourself pleasantly surprised with the convenient location of the interactive components of the interface. The actionable dashboards for JDA Warehouse Management 9.1 present a significant amount of data without any digging or customizations. Many of the specialty, ‘tribal knowledge’ type filters suddenly disappear as you realize the interface presents many common ‘watch outs’ to the user directly, i.e., item issues like non-receivable items, or expired inventory are flagged in many screens with obvious cues to the user. Gone are the days of jumping to screens and comparing data to diagnose Receiving, Inventory, or Shipping issues.

By day four of training I sensed, dare I say it, confidence, from these rookie JDA Warehouse Management users. They appeared comfortable knowing they would soon be interacting with these new screens daily. They also seemed to feel at ease knowing that their soon to come go-live preparation activities would have them jumping to the Receiving menu structure the same as they did in training and work their way across the different inbound shipment and inbound order menus in a similar path they followed during their introduction course. By week end, I realized that even my own comfort was once again secured and my world was in fact still intact. If my experience is any indication, the JDA Warehouse Management 9.1 interface will be a welcome change for many users of the software. Disgruntled birds and maniacal pigs sold separately.

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