jda wlm benefits you can measure

What Can You Measure with JDA WLM?


There is unmistakable value to measuring potential and successful improvements in your supply chain operation. In fact, to truly improve, you have to be capable of measuring (FYI, that’s a personal mantra of mine in my career in labor management). A question I often hear about JDA Warehouse Labor Management (JDA WLM) is, “What can the product measure?”

JDA WLM Seven Opportunities

JDA WLM – Opportunities Beyond Performance Scores (Part 1)


Folks that spend much time utilizing LMS software like JDA Warehouse Labor Management (referred to as JDA WLM and formerly known as RedPrairie Workforce Labor Management) within their operations often wake up and fall asleep asking, “What’s my score?” Here are seven ways you can get more than just a score from your JDA WLM.

labor management software myths

The Seven Myths of Labor Management Software (Part 1)


In our experience with labor management software, confidence is the most impactful factor in a successful implementation. When implementing labor management systems that monitor productivity, users need to be assured that the calculations are accurate and the measurements are correct. It’s important to clear up these seven myths and misconceptions about productivity management.