Reconciliation is a Big Deal with WMS Integrations


Today we are going to talk about the different kinds of reconciliation transactions or reports that should be implemented with every WMS/ERP system – and why. We’ll talk about the why first to get something important out of the way. If you have integrated two systems (i.e., WMS and ERP), then you need to have some control in place to make sure that the transactional data between the two systems is in sync and has integrity.

Business Requirements Homework

How to have a Great WMS Conference Room Pilot (Part 3)


While we believe the number one way to make a WMS Conference Room Pilot (CRP) great is to have your CRP scripted and well-practiced, a well-presented CRP still won’t be well received if you did not do your homework when it comes to business requirements. Let us explain.

WMS Conference Room Pilot Mind The Gap

How to Have a Great WMS Conference Room Pilot (Part 2)


While delivering your first focused session of the CRP covering a topic with the right people in the room and someone raises their hand. Then comes the dreaded words, “That’s great, but what about when this happens?” Hopefully you can respond with a workaround or pre-planned exception process that will solve this new scenario that has come to light. However, there will be some questions that either uncover a new requirement or invalidate assumptions about an existing one that create a new scenario that cannot be solved by the current software or configuration or processes. This is what we call a gap.

Conference Room Pilot

How to Have a Great WMS Conference Room Pilot (Part 1)


Let’s talk about Conference Room Pilots (CRP). We’ve seen literally hundreds of CRPs over the years and have played different roles in those CRPs from software vendor to consultant to customer. The one thing in common across all of those projects is that a poorly executed CRP makes your path going forward infinitely harder than a well-executed CRP. Why is that?

First, let’s define a CRP. We believe the CRP is really

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