Supply Chain Trends and Predictions

Since there are always articles on trends this time of year – and predictions being made, we thought we’d throw our hat in the ring and talk about supply chain trends we see ourselves. When we discussed internally, people shared trends and predictions they saw coming on everything from supply chain and technology to war and economic strife caused by catastrophic events. Although all are equally valid (predictions can be wacky, wild, safe or sensible, right?), we chose to highlight the brighter predictions and supply chain trends here.

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Bar Code Label

Labels – One is Better than Two


For any number of reasons, product in a warehouse may need to get labeled before it gets put away. We recently visited a distribution center that was applying a case label (LPN) as part of a standard process during receiving. They were also applying a UPC label to each case as part of a new process during receiving. Not surprisingly, applying multiple labels to one case of product had some associated costs that might not be considered at first glance.

Packing Slips on Regular Paper

Packing Slips – Who Says They Have to Be on Regular Paper?


I’ve seen many boxes arrive at my home lately and inside is a tiny little packing list generally printed on 4 x 6 label stock. From a warehouse operations perspective this is nice because it is very simple to marry the packing slip, box and shipping label together. If done right, the packing slip can print out on the same label printer as the shipping label. This eliminates the need to have 2 printers at a pack station or in the case of operations where pack stations are eliminated altogether by picking the order directly into the final shipping carton, the packing slip can be printed in advance with the shipping label.