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Having completed more than 700 warehouse and labor management system implementations since our founding, Open Sky Group has come to observe that the success of these projects is more about the people than it is about the software. How you build a team and what those team members do to prepare the rest of the organization for “life after go-live” is, indeed, the most critical element of the assignment.

This white paper explores the critical elements of warehouse management system (WMS) and labor management system (Labor) implementations, from setting expectations to ensuring the final installation adds value to everyone’s day. Along the way, we will discuss such topics as planning and preparation, selecting the right team, initial kick-off, potential stumbling blocks, post-implementation best practices, and how to communicate for effective change management throughout the project and beyond.

In the end, we hope to equip you with the right mindset and best practices to ensure a smooth transition to your new WMS/Labor environment, adding great satisfaction to the people who matter most: your workforce, stakeholders, and customer base.

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