Open Sky Group Shares 6 Tips for Successful Implementations

6 tips

For many supply chain organizations, the idea of implementing a new warehouse management (WMS) or labor management (LMS), or transportation management system (TMS) will evoke one of two reactions:

a) “Oh, no. Everything is going to change, and I might be out of a job within a few months,”

or b) “Oh, yeah. We have needed this change for a long time, and are now going to rocket our business onto the next level.”

Both reactions are very human. The software will do what it will do, so it’s good to be careful about how you select it. If you haven’t selected your supply chain software yet, we’ve got some tips that may help. If you’ve already purchased your software and are ready to implement it, we’ve developed an infographic,  6 Tips for Successful Implementations, to help simplify and streamline the thinking around implementations.

Tips for Success

6 Tips for Successful Implementations serves as a guideline to help ensure your best possible supply chain software implementation.  It’s a great starting point and a way to shape initial discussions. Working through each tip will help you discover what will be needed, and what needs to be considered.

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