What a long, wonderful trip it’s been.

Only 30% of businesses survive beyond 10 years. We’re proud to be here at 15 years, deeply appreciating the trust our employees, clients, and partners have placed in us.

Helping companies successfully re-imagine their business with technology has always been our mission. We remain dedicated to maintaining the best workplace where we can enjoy what we do, who we do it with, and how we do it.


A brief history of time.

Our story started in 2006, the year Pluto was downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet, Twitter and Facebook introduced social media as a news source, and Tiger Woods reestablished himself as the alpha dog on the links, claiming Player of the Year for the eigth time in his career. Our brand ambassador,

Cameron Smith

, is no slouch on the course with a current

world ranking of 27.


Back when we started, custom-written systems were firmly in vogue. We’ve since parted ways with that heavily modified, custom-coded model to simplify the experience for clients. We pioneered a templatized approach to our implementations and wrapped agile principles into our methodology. Today, we implement and upgrade solutions in six months or less with upgrade clients achieving up to 30% reduction in maintenance fees.


Resilient & Responsible.

Capping 15 years by not just surviving a global pandemic, but thriving in one, says a lot about our resilience and stability as a software and business process implementation partner. Many companies survived the pandemic and we sincerly hope that yours is one of them. We didn’t just make it through the last year by the seat of our pants; we have a solid leadership team that plans ahead and a well-developed corporate infrastructure to support responsible growth. We know where our strengths and weaknesses lie.


Relationships reimagined.

Working with Open Sky Group gives you:

Confidence /

Unmatched Blue Yonder experience as the largest, dedicated Blue Yonder WMS reseller and one of the first accredited for WMS.

Results /

Accumulated knowledge, experience and progress poured into every engagement through flexible, personable and professional teams working with you to better your business

Stability /

Stable and forward-thinking leadership team that is dedicated to growing and serving employees, clients and partners like you with over 100 resources worldwide.

business man

Just getting started.

The world of supply chain technology has changed a lot since our inception. Basic principles don’t change, though. We’re still focused on helping clients get the right people and product in the right place at the right time, using the right mix of technology solutions.

To make sure Open Sky Group can do even more for clients over the next 15 years, we will be heavily focused on building out our capabilities, technology, tools and methodologies.

To those of you whom we are lucky to call client, employee or partner, thank you. Thank you for placing your trust in Open Sky Group.

We take that seriously and look forward to continuing to help you on your journey towards a modern, forward-thinking supply chain. To those of you whom we haven’t yet worked with in some way,

let’s get started.