Open Sky Group is an Authorized Reseller of JDA Warehouse Management (formerly known as RedPrairie Warehouse Management).

What can JDA Warehouse Management do for you?

Companies who use JDA Warehouse Management have received substantial ROI:

  • Fulfillment cost reductions of 10-50%
  • Throughput increases of 10-40%
  • Inventory visibility and accuracy of nearly 100%
  • Inventory reductions of 5-25%
  • Credit reductions of 75-95%
  • Dock-to-stock time reductions of 25-50%
  • Receiving dwell-time reductions of 25-50%
  • Inventory storage and handling cost reductions of 10-35%

What can Open Sky Group do for you?

We understand that a company’s size doesn’t always indicate how complex the operations are; there are small companies with very complex operations – and large companies with simple operations. Open Sky Group can help you understand if the robust and flexible JDA Warehouse Management System software is right for you. And we can help you get a handle on costs to purchase and implement JDA Warehouse Management System software.

Open Sky Group can sell you software licenses for JDA Warehouse Management; exactly the same software that is available from JDA. Then we can implement the software with you. We combine an agile-based methodology and a no mods approach and it’s that, along with our experienced, resourceful teams that can bring your implementation to success in six months or less.

Choose Open Sky Group experts as your source for JDA Warehouse Management System software licenses and implementation. Contact us today to get started.